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New Dark Ages Conspiracy

Published 1980

Details the conspiracy theories of the Larouche movement

Publisher New York: New Benjamin Franklin House
Year 1980
Language English
Book contributor dudeman5685
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: vacantstare - - February 5, 2013
Subject: Dark Ages = Future & Upcoming slavery projects...against you !

The New Dark Ages project is a set of policies, decisions, reports and recommendations that are designed to reduce the average person BACK to the status of a Serf or a Slave, with the same LACK of FREEDOM, as what existed in the Middle AGes or during the Dark Ages.

The premise is that you have too much freedom, and you don't need it, and you are not smart enough anyway, and you can learn enough to stop the process. Find out for yourself. Read the material and make up your own mind.

The NWO . ;

The soon arriving New Dark Ages .

The story of those who run the world's news and finances and how they do it .

What do they really do .

What do they really want (the young ones) . ; , what she saw & said . ;

The classic . ; standby .

no reading . ; about islam . ; - tlmd . ; or allah .

How they try to capture history .

The disclosures that bothers them the most .

The spiritual aspects (your soul) . ; and side-effects of globalism ( = totalitarian .)

Who runs the show . ;
Waiting until its too late .

31 Thirty-one Key Questions . ;
and options for remedies .

Hollywood . reality

Want to hear their own confession . ?

All of these books . ; are worth reading. That does not mean that everyone . ; agrees with everything . ;

It means that these are starting points (la aristocracia) . ;
to help us learn. Good luck ..

Those who are on the side of the common man do not object to the facts coming out. Those who are in favor of Free Speech do not try to practice censorship. Those who are truly free thinkers... allow free thinking.

Folkscanomy Politics: Political Systems, Government and Democratic Organization
by Freie Demokratische Partei in der Britischen Besatzungszone